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Under the intense pressure of lust and curiosity, Lenina Crowne has decided to betray her master. The master turned her into this sexy bitch. She wants to be fucked by everyone and everyone one to put his dick in her. So basically, everything what she is, was made through endless hours or even days of being fucked by magical lustful aliens. However, the Artifact seduces Lenina too much. So, she is ready for anything just to get it But right at the moment she holds the treasured box in her hands, the masters voice booms from all sides. Lenina, begging for mercy, but knowing full well that she will be punished so or so. In a few moments huge slimy aliens wrap around her latex boots and crawl all the way up to her hot holes. Losing control, the busty redhead falling on the floor

Released:Jun 17, 2022
Length:9 min

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